Daftar Alat Alat Laboratorium Kimia Klinik

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alat alat laboratorium kimiaAlat Alat Laboratorium Kimia Klinik adalah alat khusus yang dibutuhkan untuk pembuatan laboratorium klinik.. Berikut adalah daftar alat alat  habis pakai yang dibutuhkan oleh lab klinik yang kami ambil dari merek Brand, German.



Daftar Bahan pakai dari Brand untuk laboratorium klinik :

  • Sample cup for Techicon -analyzer
  • Push on cap for analyzer sample cap
  • Sample cup with snap cap
  • Sample cup for coulter counter
  • Jar with snap-on lid, JAr PS, snap -on lid PE-LD, Conical shape
  • Jars with push- on lid, PP
  • Jar with screw cap, PP, Conical shape
  • Urine beaker with press – on lid, PP , with red PE lid
  • Urine beaker with screw cap, PP, PE Screw cap
  • Faeces container with screw cap PS with label
  • Sterilization indikator tape
  • Disposal bags for collection of disposable items after use
  • Stand for disposal bags
  • Workstation storage / dispenser boxes
  • Petri dish, glass or disposable
  • Inoculation loops, with needle, disposable
  • Culture tubes, rimless or with crew cap ( GL thread ) , Soda lime glass
  • Centrifuge tunes, rimless, round bottom, PC
  • centrifuge tubes with screw cup, PP Translucent
  • Centrifuge tube, Cylindrical , with rim, PP , Withaout stopper
  • PE-Stopper for centrifuge tubes, PP
  • Centrifuge tubes, rimless, round bottom, PP Translucent
  • Sample tubes, PS, Transparent
  • Grip stopper for sample tubes, PE – LD, neutral
  • Sedimentation tube PS, tranparent, Conical bottom
  • Test tube Rack
  • Microcentrifuge tube rack
  • Sealing Film ( Parafilm )
  • Pasteur pipette Disposable
  • Dropping pipette with integrated bellows, PE LD
  • Dropping pipette with integrated pipetting bulb, PE-LD
  • Pasteur pipette, soda lime glass
  • Rubber cap
  • Disposable micro-pipettes, intraMark , conformity, certified with ring mark
  • Disposable micro-pipettes, intraEND , conformity , certified, witahout ring mark
  • Disposable Delbruck micropipettes, intra END, conformity , certified, to Prof Delbruck
  • Pipetting aid
  • Pipette holder
  • Micro haematocrit capillaries
  • Haematocrit sealing compund

Counting Chambers

  • Improved Neubauer, double ruling, with or withaout spring clips
  • Improved Neubauer, bright line double ruling, withaout spring clips
  • Improved Neubauer,  double ruling, with or withaout spring clips
  • Thoma, double rulingwith or withaout spring clips
  • Burker,  double ruling, with or withaout spring clips
  • Burker-Turk,  double ruling, with or withaout spring clips
  • Fuchs-Roenthal,  double ruling, with or withaout spring clips
  • Malassez,  double ruling, with or withaout spring clips
  • Nageotte,  double ruling, with or withaout spring clips
  • Haemacytometer cover glasses for counting chambers
  • Cover glasses for microscope slides, pure white ( clear ) borosilicate glass
  • Microscope slides, half white
  • cavity slides, white ( clear )
  • Staining trough with tray, soda lime glass, for 10 slides
  • Staining trough, Hellendahl, soda lime glass, for 16 slides
  • Staining trough, hellendahl extended, soda lime glass, for 16 slides
  • Staining trough, schiefferdecker, Soda-lime glass, for 10 slides
  • Staining trough, Coplin, soda lime glass, for 10 slides
  • staining trough, Hellendahl extended, PMP Tranparent for 16 slides
  • Staining trough, schiefferdecker, PMP tranparent for 20 slides
  • Spotting tile, Soda lime glass
  • Staining trough with tray, PMP Transparent
  • Staining trough with tray, POM for 25 slide
  • Slide boxes, PS
  • Slide box, PP, Sturdy design

Untuk informasi spesifikasi dan harga alat alat laboratorium kiimia klinik , silahkan hubungi kami di O852-6727-7949, 0857-7432-3083  atau e mail kami di sales@AlatAlatLaboratorium.com

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  1. zambudi susilo

    mantap,..product nya,..
    kalau untuk buka standart lab yg lengkap bisa di kasih petunjuk nya apa apa aja yg harus di lakukan.? dan estimasi harga alat alat nya.

    trimakasih atas petunjuk nya

  2. icha saris

    mohon bantuanya untuk perkiraan harga alat laboratorium spt :
    centrifuge, rotator, mikropipet multi, rak pengecatan dan stabilizer alat.

  3. copernicus

    Dear Marine,
    Many thanks for visit my website
    I ll write a good content more and more


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